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Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters


Our equipment is diversified as are our services. Our solar powered Mobile Command Center is unique in the sense that it is fully self contained. We can provide a Mobile Incident Command post that is capable of "cutting the wire" our Mobile Communication Center has an onboard Moto Sat, Data Storm self seeking satellite dish. We also provide Nortel Norstar digital phone systems and companion portable phones. Our mobile Helitac center also comes equipped with its own Accu Weather forecasting system. Whatever you call it our Command Trailer is ready and able to help you manage your next incident. Our Skidgens are called by many names as well, some know them as Skidgines or Skidgins. Whatever you may call them they have been around since the 70’s but are know becoming more common on the fire line. Few people realize that the Softrack version of the Skidgine can also be used on the disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and earth quakes. Anywhere there is a large amount of debris littering the roads our Soft Track Skidgeons can get in where other rubber tired emergency equipment cannot. Our latest Skidengine a M458 Soft Track Skidgen has rubber pads on its tracks. Our Skidgines are made by FMC and are called Soft Tracks because of the type of tracks they have. Bull Dozers do not have bogie wheels like Soft Track Skidgins, originally developed for the military tanks and APC’s and later used in logging operations as FMC Soft Track Skidders. Track Skidders could get in and harvest logs without damaging the environment like rubber tired Skidders. This is what makes them perfect for use in disasters. We can get in and get the job done where few other vehicles can go. Our M548 Soft Track Skidegine can even operate in flooded areas as it is amphibious. We also provide wildfire engines. Our type 3 wildfire engine is also know as a tactical tender made famous by Northtree Fire, Tactical Tenders are becoming more common on the fire line. Tactical Tenders are designed to be more versatile than regular fire tenders or water tenders. Northtree developed the use of ex military all wheel drive units for disaster management operations. These vehicles can go where few other water tenders can go. Our Tactical Tender is set up with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems) in addition to having CAFS we use twin water cannons which are remote controlled. CAFS Tactical Tenders are great for Helitac and Aviation crash truck duty. See for some great pics of fire equipment. Our Tactical Tender is also used for dust/weed abatement, or can even be used as a regular water tender.



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